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Forrest Jones Reviews the Afeela

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Forrest Jones got to check out the Afeela first hand.



Oh snap! Sony is making a car with Honda! The brand name is called @afeela.mobility . Let’s dive into this thing!
It’s an all electric car about the size of a BMW 5 series, Audi A6, or a Mercedes E class. There’s no specs on range, charging speed, or price so TBD on that. Here’s what is confirmed; looks. There may be minor tweaks but, for the most part, what you see if what will make it to production. It’s a super simple design on purpose. Sony acknowledges that this is a peice of software on wheels. Like a phone, there’s not much crazy design that goes into the phone shape because the focal point is the software and you want the phone to age well over time. Same concept here. This will have LiDAR and even 3 autonomous driving. That means eyes off and hands off but ONLY on the highway. There’s also no door handles because facial recognition will be your way inside. Once inside, it’s gets WILD. A massive screen goes from end to end with smaller screens at each end for your mirrors. US doesn’t allow this so this feature likely won’t be on the US cars. The screen resolution is CRISP. The refresh rate is insanely good and because sony owns the rights, you can watch movies like Spider-Man No Way Home inside of your car (while at a stop). Not only can you play Fortnite in the car, you can set a Fortnite background or any background theme of your choice! Yes, there was even a Spider-Man one.🕷 Sony also makes some of the best headphones in the game which means you obviously have a Sony sound system with 3D surround and (I assume) noise canceling tech to make the interior quieter. There’s also a yoke to improve screen visibility. Yeah this thing is a different breed. 😳

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